Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Plan to Get Certified at Enterprise Data World!

A CDMP Exam Prep session will be held again on Sunday, 3/14 at the Enterprise Data World Conference in San Francisco, and times will be available to take exams throughout the conference. See the conference agenda at http://edw2010.wilshireconferences.com/agenda.cfm. If you are thinking about certification, this is a good time to take the exams. There will be discounts on the ICCP exams during the conference.

Have you registered for EDW10 yet? Register with the discount code of EDW10SPKR for a $100 discount off registration before February 26. This discount can also be used with the Early Bird discount if you register before February 5th, and save even more if you register 2 or more from the same company. See the registration options at the conference website.

How can you start preparing to take exams at the conference? Contact the ICCP at office@iccp.org to order study materials now. Decide what exams you want to take, and start practicing with the sample exams, or find a study buddy and work on them together! If there are several people in your local DAMA chapter that will be attending the conference, consider forming a study group or sponsor a Beta Exam Session at a chapter meeting and get a feel for taking the exams for free.

See you at EDW10 in March!

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