Friday, January 1, 2010

New Data Management Core Exam now in Beta

Eight attendees of the San Francisco Chapter's DAMA Day on December 16, 2009 were the first to volunteer to take the new Data Management Core exam (DM Core). Beta exams are newly created or revised exams that are being "tested" on volunteer exam takers to assure that the questions are relevant, current and correct. All new exams go through a beta period and the performance of each question on the exam is scrupulously reviewed by the exam development team prior to putting the exam into "production." Exams in beta testing can be taken for FREE, and a passing score can be applied toward the CDMP requirements for a reduced fee or can be used for recertification credit.

In an effort to better align the CDMP exams with The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge, several exams are being updated, revised or rewritten. This is exciting news for those seeking the CDMP credential because the DAMA Guide is quickly becoming a definitive resource for CDMP exam preparation. It not only provides foundation knowledge, but also provides lists of references to authoritative sources for deeper study in each of the data management functional areas.

There will be a few new exams in beta testing during in coming months: The DM Core and Data Development. The Data Warehousing exam is also being updated. The DM Core is a "breadth" exam, covering a broad overview of the profession by addressing all of the topics covered in chapters of the DAMA-DMBOK. The new DM Core exam was created to replace the Data Management exam.

Contact the ICCP at if you are interested in taking a beta exam or if your DAMA Chapter or organization would like to host an exam session to administer beta exam(s).

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