Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another 7 earn CDMP in Seattle!

The October 22-23rd CDMP Exam Prep Bootcamp was a big success. Seven more joined the ranks of Certified Data Management Professionals after two grueling days of prep questions, Noah's Bagels, breathtaking views of puget sound, and, oh yeah, exams. Lots of exams.

Congratulations to Craig Austin, Deb Weller, Dorian Jung, James Werner, Ken Harris, Liz Parks and Lorin Yeaton for earning their CDMP credentials!

With more than 18 now certified in the Seattle DAMA chapter, it should be noted that Seattle is still in the lead in the challenge with Portland for CDMP holders. However, since Dorian drove all the way from Portland to take the class, the group wondered whether Portland or Seattle should claim him in their counts. Hmm, looks like the Portland chapter may need to have another class soon to catch up. ;)

During the first day, the group worked through the topics and practice questions for the IS Core and Data Management exams. Although mentally exhausted, the group's spirits were high by the end of the day as people made it through the first set of exams. On Friday, we started the day bright and early with a lively discussion of Data Warehousing topics. We all learned a lot from the rich experience in the room as we worked through the exam outline and the practice questions, with some useful explanations and whiteboard drawings provided by various participants to illustrate concepts. After lunch, it was heads down, focused on exams through the end of the day.

Thanks to Isilon Systems and DAMA Puget Sound (DAMA-PS) for sponsoring this event. We couldn't have had a better location! The views were amazing and the hospitality was wonderful. Overall, it was another great workshop!

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