Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Creative Certifying

I am an ICCP exam developer holding a CBIP with a specialization in Data Warehousing and a CDMP. My certification process was quite interesting and looking back on it, a great deal of fun.

I highly recommend the comprehensive resources mentioned in a preceding post "Preparing for CDMP Exams", especially getting your hands on a study guide for the exam you wish to pursue. Outlines for the exams are available and are excellent for understanding the learning track one needs to be on for a particular exam. The links are also quite useful for gathering resources for various computing certifications and I recommend a cup of coffee or hot tea along with at least a couple of hours to peruse the certification sites (DAMA, ICCP, TDWI).

Now lets get back to creative certifying. My experience was a bit unique, I certified as a CBIP at a TDWI conference in Orlando, Florida. Since I was a full time student pursuing my Masters degree I submitted a request to TDWI for a student scholarship to attend the conference. My Data Warehouse professor at Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Phyllis Chasser, graciously provided a letter of recommendation. I was granted a scholarship to attend the classes of my choosing for the full seminar. I carefully reviewed the requirements for the CBIP exam and selected those classes which met the exam requirements along with the exam prep class. At the end of the TDWI seminar I sat for the CBIP exam and passed.

Shortly after the seminar, I perused DAMA's website and decided I would like to become a CDMP, as well. I contacted DAMA to prepare for the exam and learned of a little known fact, in professional circles. A holder of the CBIP certification can transfer those credits to DAMA and for a minimal administrative fee, can qualify for a CDMP certification.

If you are interested in certification and would like to pursue that track with a personal touch please feel free to contact me at adamsfrancine@gmail.com. I'll be happy to point you to the right resources, or the right people to help you get through the process.

On a final note, I had the pleasure of contributing to the Zachman Framework Beta Exam the weekend of August 8 in Montreal. I can quote Eva from the posting Zachman Enterprise Architecture Exam ready for beta! with relish, "Trust me, you WILL want to brush up on your knowledge of the Framework, even if you think you know it well..."

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