Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zachman Enterprise Architecture Exam ready for beta!

On August 8-10, 2008, a team of ICCP exam developers completed a weekend marathon session in Montreal to create the first ICCP certification exam focused on THE ZACHMAN FRAMEWORK FOR ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE.

The team was comprised of experienced ICCP exam developers Pat Cupoli, Francine Adams, Loretta Smith, Gil Laware, Deborah Henderson and Eva Smith (me), along with subject matter experts John A. Zachman, John P. Zachman (Jr.) and Stan Locke. About 70 questions were submitted by various authors before the session. In over 25 hours of intense discussions, these questions were reviewed in detail, revised and refined by the group. The team also worked together to write more than 4o new questions to complete an initial pool for the 110 question exam. It was quite a memorable experience! :)

The exam will soon be offered as a free beta over the next few months and will be one of the qualifying exams for the CDMP. It covers the latest updates to the Enterprise Architecture Framework, so those interested in taking the exam will want to brush up by studying the most current publications at (Trust me, you WILL want to brush up on your knowledge of the Framework, even if you think you know it well... Although the basic Framework concepts and principles remain the same, there are some changes in terminology that are covered on this exam.)

Stay tuned for more information about the beta and locations where it will be offered....

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