Tuesday, April 12, 2011

15 New CDMPs earned at Enterprise Data World 2011

Enterprise Data World 2011 was packed full of wonderful workshops and sessions again this year. Beginning the week was a CDMP Bootcamp session taught by Pat Cupoli on Sunday, 4/2/11. One of the benefits of taking the CDMP exams at the conference this year was the opportunity to participate in two free beta exams: The revised IS Core exam and the new Data Governance and Stewardship exam. Exam sessions were held on Sunday afternoon, Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon.

Congratulations to the following people who earned the Certified Data Management Professional credential by passing all three CDMP exams!

Eric Ness
Donna Clark
Amy Bakalar
Sabina Ram
Christina Lynn
Luise Kroeger
Christopher Sheaffer
Carl Gomberg
Chris Kasischke
Sheila Jeffrey
Diane Maltman
Paul Walker
Glen Bell
Glenn D. House Sr.
Nicholas Collins

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