Sunday, June 1, 2008

Portland takes on Seattle

On May 20th, I gave an overview presentation of certification and the CDMP process to 35+ DAMA members at the Portland chapter. It was an enthusiastic and interactive group, and over 20 of those who attended indicated interest in going through the Exam Prep "Boot Camp" and taking the exams to become certified. In November, 2007, the Seattle Chapter's Exam Prep Boot Camp produced 7 new CDMPs, and Bill Hoke, chapter president, issued a challenge to the other DAMA chapters to beat this number. Wayne Little and the folks in Portland have taken up the challenge and will strive to get at least 8 new CDMPs certified during their 2-day Boot Camp in Portland. This will be scheduled for the last week in August - the specific dates and location are yet to be determined. I'll post the details here once they are firmed up.

Portland is also planning to proctor the Data and Information Quality free beta exam after its June meeting, for anyone who is interested in taking it. Those who pass the free beta exam will be able to pay a small conversion fee to apply it toward their CDMP.

It was a great trip. The Portland folks were fun and friendly, and it was nice to see some familiar faces at the meeting. I'm looking forward to doing the Boot Camp with them in August!

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